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Review Extracts

“Barred, Yasak Ulke , Kibrisin gozyaslari” (2005)

“ The genocide of Turkish Cypriots in 1963 and 1974 by Greek Cypriots exhibited by a dance theatre piece called “barred, tears of North Cyprus”. Over two hundred people, at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre watched this original and realistic piece. The piece is composed of explicit and documented visual material which demonstrated the murders of Turkish Cypriots by Greek Cypriots as documented from Northern Cypriot media. Nine dancers from different origin performed “Barred”. A long searched for peace is the main theme of the dance and hopes of the Turkish Cypriots for the island, the performance is considered very brave since the area of London when the dance piece is performed is known for its Greek Cypriot background. Faruk Zapci, Hurriyet /London (Translated by Pinar onganer)

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Madison-WI USA 2001

“The Northern Cypriot political Drama is on current agenda again with a dance theatre piece choreographed by Ebru Aydar” KIBRIS paper (Translated by Pinar Uysal Onganer)

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“Human Touch (2004)”

“ London based Northern Cypriot choreographer Ebru Aydar is exhibiting an unussual dance theatre approach to tell story about North Cyprus’s stormy history, this approach is causing emotional moments on the audience. Human touch is a collaborative dance project between RTDC, Chris Palmer and Markus Hoft which consisted of seven pieces namely; Anais, Hui, Normality, Betty Blue, Barred, Noche de la Luna Llena( Tangos) and Collages. The money raised in this concert was donated to registered cancer charity PCRF, Eylem Eraydin KIBRIS, (Translated by Pinar Uysal Onganer)

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