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Founder/Artistic Director/ Dancer: Ebru Aydar

Ebru’s Biography: I started my dance training in Istanbul /Turkey. I have attended Istanbul city opera and ballet conservatory where I have trained classical ballet, jazz dance and Turkish folk dance. In my twenties, I moved to Wisconsin-Madison USA, where I started my contemporary dance training at Kanopy School for Dance and Choreography and University of Wisconsin - Madison Dance program. During my education, I have been exposed to all sort of movement forms such as Margolis physical theatre technique, West African dance, flamenco dance, classical Spanish dance, contact improvisation and improvisational dance. I have been privileged to be instructed by Li Chiao Ping and Jin Wen Yu (UW Dance Program), Simon Forti, Karen Nelson, K.J. Holmes, Stephanie Sakura, Otto Ramstead and Olive Bierienga (body cartography project) Kari Margolis (Margolis and Brown Company), Lisa Thurrell (Kanopy Dance Company), Susan Marsden, Vivian Tomlinson, Kristianne Connolly (Connolly dance company), Tyrone King, and Tania Tandias. In 2001, I produced my first collaborative show “Imece dance project” where six independent choreographers presented their choreographic work, Oakwood village theatre was the host for this venue. I called this project” Imece” in Turkish, it means to help each other in order to survive. That was exactly what we were doing at the time. This led to the formation of RTDC and the creation of consequent successful productions for RTDC, namely; “In to the flow”, “Compost”, “Journey to past visions”, “Kalpana Prakash collaboration”. In 2002 I moved to New York City and continued my training in various studios in Manhattan such as Steps in Broadway, Ballet Hispanico, Dance Space, Eric Hawkins studio, Fazils’ and Alvin Ailey School. I professionally danced with Kanopy Dance Company Madison WI USA, Connolly Dance Company Madison WI USA, Stanley Love Performance Group NY USA and Pauline Oliveros’s musical dance theatre, “Ioe”. In 2003, I moved to London UK. Since then I completed professional diploma in dance at Birkbeck, University of London UK. In 2004, I produced “Human Touch” in Chisenhale Dance space/ London UK where three new pieces (“Anais, “Betty Blue” and “Collages” were showcased. In 2005, “Barred, Yasak Ülke” was performed as a part of “Resolution” at Robin Howard Theatre London UK. Recently, “Universal Bride” a collaboration between myself and painter Amber Sait, was presented at Lilian Baylis stage of Sadlers’ Wells theatre London.

Christopher Palmer (Dancer):

Christopher Palmer has trained in Flamenco, Ballet and Modern Dance. He started his dance education in Madison, USA at the Kanopy School for Contemporary Dance and with Tania Tandias. He is at present training at the Escuele de Baile and Spanish Dance Society where he successfully passed examinations attaining the level of distinction. Christopher regularly performs Flamenco at locations around London and has attended workshops with Angel Munoz and Manuel Angel Espino.

Christine Olson (Multimedia artist and Dancer):

Christine is a video installation artist currently living in Madison, WI where she received a BS in Art and a major in Interarts and Technology,using both to focus on the world of video. She has done video for the Association for Dance and Performance Telematics, Random Transformations DanceCompany, Li Chiao Ping Dance Company, the Madison Contact Improv Festival 2001 and Cycropia Aerial Dance and has had her dance video work shown on BCAT through the Micro Museum. The most recent project of hers wasthe HIVE show that was an immersive environment created in the vacant first floor of a 1970’s office building and included seven of her video installations, three of which involved live performers. Christine was first exposed to dance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through tai chi and contact improvisation and has continued to be interested in the language of movement, the experience of the body in a particular space, and the camera movement as an extension and expression of the body.

Joan Mills (Dancer ; Associte director of RTDC)

Joan is a former dance specialist at Madison Memorial High School as well as lecturer at Edgewood College and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and currently teaches an online course, Movement Explorations Dance, for WU-Madison. Sheperformed in “Honey in the Rock” in Beckley, West Virginia, West Virginia University Orchesis, was a guest performer with Kanopy Dance Company, and choreographed and performed with Random Transformations Dance Company in Madison, WI. Joan co-authored “Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Dance” and “A Guide to Curriculum Planning in Dance“. She has been an active member of the Wisconsin Dance Council and is a 2003 receipient of the Council’s Margaret H’Doubler Award. She hopes to continue her avid interest in studying African dance and Graham technique in her new home of Greensboro, NC.

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