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"Resolution! 2005 Barred"
Random Transformations Dance Company (RTDC) is performing a dance theatre piece that is called “barred” by choreographer and founder of the company Ebru Aydar, as a part of a resolution 2005 on 02/02/2005 at Robin Howard Dance Theatre at 8pm. “If political discourse is "barred", dance theatre becomes a powerful medium for expression. A journey through the stormy past, forgotten memories, genocide, conflict and tears of North Cyprus.”
Tickets for the Robin Howard Dance Theatre (17 Duke’s Rd London WC1H 9PY) can be purchased at The Place Box Office, (0)20 7387 0031 or online www.theplace.org.uk.
There is a promotional 2 off voucher for first 100 tickets, for further information and claiming your voucher please contact ebruaydar@yahoo.com

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